Easy Remedy to Eliminate Brown Spots and Age Spots



Aging brings with it a number of complications. One of them is age spots also known as brown spots. It is mainly caused due to overexposure to the sun. The face, neck and hands are the most affected parts of the body as these are directly affected by the sun. The brown spots are not ageing signs but as we age our body shows less immunity to the sun thus these spots are more prominent during the later stages.


Age Spot

How do these spots emerge?
Our body has a pigment called melanin which is found right under the skin. It decides the color of the skin. When the sunlight falls on the skin the Ultra Violet rays affect the melanin and cause it to decolorize. Thus browning is not permanent throughout which causes the ugly brown spots also known as age spots. There are many easy remedies to avoid and cure these spots. Here we list down some of the best ones:

Sunscreens are the best options. It saves you from the sun. Apply it 20 minutes before you leave home and then use it every two hours. It helps to keep your skin safe from the adverse affects of the sun. Take care of the SPF value of the sunscreen.

Sunscreen effectively keeps away actinic keratosis. Actinic keratosis is a small spot on the skin. Thus sunscreen is definitely a must have if you have to go out in the sun often.

Diet is also very important to avoid these age spots. A proper diet ensures that you are not prone to these spots. Increase the input of antioxidants in your diet it helps you to increase the immunity to these spots. Flavanoids found in vegetables and fruits are also great help to avoid these spots.

There are many kitchen recipes that have proven to be very effective. Lemon juice is effective in damping these spots. Apply it with cotton on the skin on the spots and you would definitely see the difference. The lemon juice is photosensitive thus it helps to keep the sun off your skin. Papaya juice is another great thing. Use cool papaya juice and apply it on the spots regularly till the spots lighten considerably.


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