How to Stop Hair Loss



Are you noticing that your hair seems to be thinning where it was once thick only a couple of years ago? Are you starting to see that patch of skin on your head instead of hair strands? Perhaps you are getting more and more worried. After all, you have a family history of baldness. Your grandpa turned bald and so did your dad. You are next in line and you do not want to end up without hair just like both of them. The question that has to be answered now is how to stop hair loss.


Hair Loss




Before you panic, you have to realize how incredibly lucky you are. After all, you have technology on your side. Your dad and your grandpa most probably had no choice but to submit to nature. Your fate does not have to be the same. There are actually a lot of ways to prevent hair loss and ultimately stop baldness. The price range spans a great deal too. So here is the question – are you willing to do what it takes to make sure that your hair stays thick and strong and beautiful? Here are some practical ways on how to stop hair loss.

First, you have to avoid putting tons of hair product on your hair. Yes, a lot of men wear hair gels and wax to style their hair. Guess what, that will make your hair look great for a while but in the long run, all the residue would stick to your hair and eventually cause it to fall off. I am not saying that you never use hair gel again in your life. I am just saying that you do not have to use it everyday. The key is to get a haircut that fits you so that further styling is no longer necessary. That is one of the practical ways on how to stop hair loss.

Second, use a mild shampoo for your hair, especially if you shampoo it everyday. In fact, it is not even advisable to use a full dosage of shampoo for your hair. Add some water to it before lathering it on your scalp. Strong shampoo formulations can cause your hair to fall off and if you are trying to prevent hair loss, hair fall is something that you want to avoid. You can even go as far as using baby shampoo. It cleanses in the most gentle way without causing your hair to fall and to eventually thin out.

Third, if you think that your hair really is getting thinner and thinner, do not fret. There is no need to spend a great deal on hair transplants right away. Try hair growth shampoos first. They should be available in the grocery store near you. It is specially formulated to help people with thinning hair to stimulate hair growth.

So if you think that you are a candidate for hair loss or even if you already see the telltale signs, don’t panic. There are practical ways on how to stop hair loss.


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