Tips for Growing Healthy Hair Faster

Sometimes you end up with a disastrous hairstyle and you really want your hair to grow back as quickly as possible, and so you might be wondering what steps can be taken by you to accelerate your hair growth and have longer, thicker and healthier hair. On an average, hair growth is about 18-20 cm annually. However this may vary from person to person as some individuals may take longer to grow out their hair. This is a result of various factors such as diet, hereditary factors, hair quality etc.

Listed below are a few pointers to trigger faster hair growth and obtain hair growth of about 22-25 cm annually. Although this is not substantial growth in your length, remember drop by drop makes an ocean and within a couple of years you can expect Longer and healthier hair.

1. Don't wash your hair every day. Try washing it every alternate day instead. 

Every hair wash leads to washing out the natural oils present in your scalp and it is due to these natural oils that give thickness and luster to your hair and trigger hair growth. So washing your hair everyday will lead to reduced levels of natural oils in your scalp.

Centuries ago, it was a myth that women with longer and thicker hair are more attractive and desirable and this myth was adopted for thousands of years. It was considered that longer and more lustrous hair depicted that the woman is more fertile. Technically speaking, human hair is a kind of fiber; not very different from wool. Now imagine, if you start washing your woolen clothes daily, they will get substantially damaged. The same applies to your hair.

2. Apply a nourishing hair pack about 2-3 times weekly 

On days when you wash your hair, apply a deep nourishing hair pack with multiple nutrients to boost hair growth and maintain healthy hair. You can try a couple of homemade packs using natural ingredients which will boost hair growth (mentioned later in the article). I would prefer the hair mask called Biology.

It is also believed that hair masks or hair packs which have a substantial content of placenta can be used.  Through reviews it has been vindicated that it triggers hair growth to as much as over 1.5 cm every month.

3. Relax and avoid stress as much as possible

21st century life is full of turmoil. Relationship problems, family problems, financial problems, education, loans, fights etc can cause a lot of stress to individuals. It's true that stress can't be completely avoided or controlled however you have to be strong and do whatever you can to relax and find couple of stress busters such as long walks or drives, music, hobbies etc. You could also use a counselor or a friend for severe problems.  It's true that excessive levels of stress reduce hair growth and also trigger problems like hair fall and split ends.

4. Air-Dry Your Hair, and avoid using a Blow Dryer.

Using a hair dryer on your hair can turn out to be a disaster. Hair dryers are extremely unhealthy for your hair because they soak out moisture from your hair as well as the natural oils present in the hair follicles. The perfect and most apt solution is to air dry your hair. If you don't have an alternative, reduce the heat on hair dryer or use a leave in conditioner. Another alternative could be to use a regular conditioner and apply it well on the tips to avoid loss of moisture.

Men’s Style & Fashion

Styling your hair or getting a nice haircut is no cake walk, since your hairstyle has quite a significant impact on your personality and it can enhance your facial features and looks.

It's an established fact that your hairstyle can shape your personality. Right from beauty parlors and salons to advertisements for hair products, the essence of your hair styling and its impact on your overall persona and looks comes through. The question arises, what should you really do about your hairstyle.

Before completely changing your hairdo and your look, you need to keep in mind certain things because honestly it is a big deal and any error or a messy hairdo can sink down your self esteem and confidence. It's time for change, but change with caution.

In case you are completely clueless regarding which hair salon would be appropriate for you, or you are dissatisfied with your current hair stylist, then the best solution would be to ask people you know. Any of your relatives or friends with a really good hairdo can guide you and suggest a good hair salon or hair stylist. Sometimes you may find a really proficient hair stylist in a mediocre salon. Once you determine which hairstylist or hair salon you will be visiting, you must call them, and fix an appointment to avoid any hang ups.

Pros & Cons

Don't leave it completely to the hairstylist. You need to sit and tell him what you are looking for, what are his views on a good hairdo and what would suit your face shape. Do analyze the various alternative hairdos available that would suit your face and also get an insight on what's the current trend. If you have a particular hairstyle in mind, ask him if it is a good idea and if it would suit you. However if he says it might not suit you, then ask him for other available alternatives.

Hair salons and hair styling professionals have various brochures and catalogues with pictures of a plethora of different hair styles. You can pick the style you like from the catalogue and run it by your hair stylist. Along with the hair stylist, you should discuss the various upside and disadvantages of the style you've picked. You should be really polite with your hairdresser because at the end of the day it's your hair and his scissors; so his opinion and feedback should be accepted. What you can also do is give your hair stylist a handsome tip. A hairdresser can truly change your life and a little extra pay will only motivate him and keep him happy.  Maintaining a healthy rapport with your hairstylist is a pre requisite because he will always give you preference over other customers and he will only do what's best for you!

Follow Through

Once you get a trim or haircut and have a fairly new hairstyle, you can take tips on different styles and alternatives with your new hairdo. You can experiment with your new look, tweak it according to different occasions; unless you have a military cut or a buzz. Also, you need to take all the advice; including dos and don'ts and additional tips for your hair and hair care. Since they have expertise in hair grooming, they will have substantial knowledge and experience about which hair products would work the best for you and what you should avoid as well.

Hairstyles for Women that are Short and Pretty

Are you on the verge of cutting your hair short? You could be very conscious or scared to get your hair cut really short, but trust me, you need to go ahead and do it. Maintaining a short hair length is not only trendy and a la mode but also comfortable and easily maintainable. I could tell you so many advantages of having a short trendy haircut, but you’d rather try it and experience the change.

There is a preconceived notion that having longer hair for women is more ingenious and makes your hairstyle multi-faceted. But, there are two sides to every coin and the biggest disadvantage here is that when you have long hair, there’s just way too much volume. It often weighs down your face and scalp, and you eventually get so fed up of it.

Listed below are a couple of chic short hairstyles which are very young, trendy and adventurous.

Short Red Bob with Bangs Hairstyle Having red hair is really quite unique. When you have a bob with bangs and red highlights to top it up, it looks really classy and unconventional. The trend has shown that people like to have longer bangs, but shorter bangs are more chic, they bring out your eyes and look very appealing.

Maintaining a very short, above-the-chin bob hairdo is the contemporary and in vogue. Short hair makes your hair look thick and voluminous and it looks really classy and French. This look is so elegant and unique, that people will always remember you. If you don’t want straight hair and want a funky look with wavy bottoms, you can get layers to make your hair look thicker and more refined.

Shaggy, Wavy, Face-Framing Layers Hairstyle If a bob is just way too short for you, this is the best look; which is not only feminine but also adds a funky look. It covers your jaw line and face-shape and gives you a really stylish look. The onset of the 21st century brought in this swanky trend of side swept bangs, which look really sexy. They are not only easy to maintain, but they also don’t get too inconvenient to maintain. You can carry off the hair color just like this girl which adds texture and trend to your hair and brings out your skin beautifully.

Make sure to inform your hairdresser that you would prefer layers right around your face right up to your chin. You can use a hair straightener to set it up just perfectly.

The most modern and trendy look is Asymmetrical bobs, which is a haircut that makes your hair longer on one side and slightly shorter on the other. The side which has shorted hair should be put neatly behind your ears and the longer side should fall on your face and it can be styled as you like.

It not only makes you look feminine and fashionable, but funky and chic at the same time. (Note: please do not go to any amateur hairdressers for this look)

Curly, Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle What are the advantages of having a curly bob? 1. It’s perfect as your hair is not poker straight. 2. You don’t need to style it or straighten it all the time, so it’s easy to maintain. 3. It’s quite convenient 4. They outline your face in a sexy halo of curls

These are just the top 4 of the plethora of advantages of a bob. It can make your short haircut look pristine and classy. Asymmetrical Short Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs Usually, as women begin to age, they tend to maintain shorter hair. This is because it adds youth and glamour to their appearance. Your hairdresser will push your hair on one side and cut the rest of it short. This is perfect for showing off your jewelry.

Causes of Hair Loss

 The following are the types of causes for hair fall • Endogenous conditions/problems faced by an individual facing hair loss • Exogenous factors caused due to environment • A combination of both the above mentioned factors.

The following distinction occurs in case of endogenous factors in the body: - Hereditary genes lead to the cause of hair loss and it isn’t caused by the actions of the sufferer. - The individual can affect the main cause if the hair loss is cause by mal nutrition or taking medicines etc.

When the individual changes his/ her environment, he or she may suffer from exogenous hair loss problems. The rest are simply out of their control.

Indirectly we can deal with hereditary hair loss issues also. Solution like hair implantation could be applied effectively. Special drugs like Minoxidil, Finasteride, prescribed by doctor can treat hereditary genes that result to hair loss. However, incorrect dosage can lead to side effects also.

Once the main cause of hair fall stops, then the fall gradually decreases and lastly the problem with the scalp of the hair gets stopped. Apart from that, the nutritional elements which the body might lag have to be supplemented so that the body does not lack any of those.

Subcutaneous fat present in the scalp leading to hair loss In young age, hair loss can be said to be a non –existent issue as it can only be seen in medical cases. With the progress of the age it manifests itself.

The following is a major factor for hair loss due to aging: With the progression of age, the volume of subcutaneous fat in scalp decreases. This layer of fat contains the vital nutritional substances required for the growth of hair. With the reduction of this layer of fat, hair fall starts and finally leads to baldness.

Can the process be reversed? Experiments done on animals showed that the new hair follicles developed in a matter of weeks when those animals were injected with a subcutaneous injection.

Basic French Braid Method

Background The trend that is becoming more and more popular and versatile day by day is that of French braids which stands for a graceful and gorgeous method of styling your hair. The main advantage is that French braids get along well with anything and that too anywhere. Below we have mentioned three ways of wearing the French braids. Know all about this latest trend in fashion as one of them is sure to bring a flame in the way you look.

Basic French braid method How to French braid must be learnt before trying out any of the styles. The process starts with separating a small segment of hair into three parts. As you go on braiding keep on adding more hair into each piece till all the hair is in your braid. To learn more about it in detail, watch this video-clip which will teach you the basic techniques.

Head Band This hairstyle is quite fun as it imitates the appearance of a headband with the use of a small French braid right cross the hairline. It gives a funky as well as cute appearance and also helps to keep the hair out of your face. Casual or Formal, this look will definitely fit all. For creating this look you just have to pull back your hair to a pony tail and then pull out the segment closest to your hairline. Then start at any side of your head and then French braid your way towards the other side. Then secure the braid with a hair tie or bobby pin and you have just made yourself a wonderful French braided headband.

Side Braid This braid is styled in such a fashion that it could be worn in two separate ways. It’s to go half way back as a bun or a pony tail. The braid can also be continued to the end. Start braiding at the side of the head and continue at an angle till you have met with half way point of the end. Braided Messy Bun

This style is a beautiful combination of the messy bun and the French braid. Just French braid your hair half way back and secure it with a hair. In the next step, you gather up your hair in a messy bun and with the help of bobby pins secure it. The complete look is splendid and can be decorated with fancy clips and flowers.

Some Simple Tips for Choosing Best Hair Extensions

What hair extensions really are?

Hair extensions are nothing but pieces of hair which are specially designed for adding length to a person’s hair. They can be made in factories in an artificial way or can also be handmade from the real human or animal hair. Compared to the animal hair extension a human hair extension/wig can add more natural appearance and feel to your hair style.

How to use hair extensions?

To make the hair look long and stylish, hair extensions are sewn, woven or even pasted into the hair. Many of the celebs who want a quick makeover for their hair from a short one to a long one resort to hair extensions. This gives them long and luxurious hair in minutes.

The hair extension that is made from human hair seems and feels the most natural. The individual who is going to use the hair extension can easily dye and make the color of the hair extension to that one of his/ her natural hair.

Real hair or synthetic hair?

One of the most important questions is, to whether one must go for human hair or synthetic hair option while opting for a hair extension. It is often found that synthetic or artificial wig is far cheaper than the wig made out of human hair. But the wig that’s made out of the human hair gives an individual much more natural look than that of the synthetic wig.

Handmade wigs or hair extensions made out of human hair can make you change the style from long hair to short hair instantly. If you are lucky enough, you will find a synthetic hair extension which matches the hair color. But the wig made out of human hair definitely gives a more natural look and so is always a better option. You can in fact dye your natural wig in order to make it match you’re your hair color so as to give a natural look. Hope this article will enable you to decide the proper hair extension for you.

Cutting a Chin Level Bob Hair

Bob cuts are quite in vogue right now. They look stylish, Parisian and very attractive. It complements different face features irrespective of your skin tone or age. You can alter and modify the bob to complement your face and persona. The “Chin level Bob haircut” is usually a shorter hair cut with hair cut up to the chin.

When opting to get the chin level bob, you need to consider facial features, skin tone, age and time and efforts required to maintain this hairdo, this is how you can comprehend if the chin bob will look good on your face or not. This particular hairdo looks very good on females who have an elongated facial shape because it makes the face look shorter, rounder and brings out the beautiful features and also looks very modern as well as avant-garde. Girls with rounder and plump faces should not go for the chin bob because it will make their face look more pump and fat. It is very difficult to carry this off, because it is different, extremely stylish and a trendsetter in itself.

Hair cut Instructions & Tools

Key Tools you need • Scissors • Fine tooth comb •Spray bottle containing water • Hair clips


Step1: Moisten your hair and run a comb through it to get rid of knots and tangles.

Step2: Make a side partition on your hair; the way you generally wear it.

Step3: Begin chopping your hair straight. Do it horizontally along the edges & back, and cut it till an inch below your chin.

Step4: Ensure that it is uniform around the head.

Step5: Take the hair near your forehead on your face and trim that too.

Step6: To style your hair with layers, segregate your hair into 5 sections, the fifth one being the hair near the neck which is cut just before. Then two sections would be in front of the head and the other two at the back. Put clips so that you can systematically cut the hair with uniformity.

Step7: Put up every section and trim the ends. Ensure that the sections are evenly chopped and raise the front & back sections for the same. This’ll give a layered style.