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Draw Attention to Yourself with Mohawk Hairstyles

Let us face it, not everyone can pull off Mohawk hairstyles. It really isn’t about how physically attractive you are but more about how outrageous and daring your personality is. Your hairstyle is a reflection of your character. Those who walk around in Mohawk hairstyles quite obviously are in the radical side. <br/> When we hear the word Mohawk hairstyles, we often think of a guy who shaved the sides of his head and kept a long line in the middle. That is the Mohawk hairstyle in the traditional sense but many are not aware that it has different variations. So if you find yourself bored wearing your Mohawk hairstyle for too long you can try any of the following options:  1. There is a bihawk which is a variation of the Mohawk hairstyles but instead of one strip of hair you have 2. While the portions in between are shaved. There what they call trihawk which is also a variation of Mohawk but as made obvious by the name consists of 3. Strips of hair while those in the middle are shaved. The fan Mohawk pretty much looks like your regular Mohawk hairstyle however you grow your hair longer and so it sticks out more like a fan does. 4. There is what’s called a Frohawk which is just how the African Americans style their hair. 5. Liberty Spikes are outrageous Mohawk hairstyles that resembles the crown on the Statue of Liberty.
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