Africian Hairstyle & Haircut

If you are looking to liven up the top of your head, then picking one of the many African American styles may be right up your alley. The vast array of options gives you the flexibility to choose a style that is simple or complex, long or short, or fashionable and trendy. Many professional women, for example, have recently opted for a short, snazzy hairdo that is both easy to maintain and acceptable in a business setting. No matter what you decide on – from corn-rolls to braided to weaves – your new style will require a certain amount of care to ensure it remains luscious and vibrant.


One must always take into account the shape of his or her face when selecting any type of haircut and the rule of thumb is no different with African American styles. Ask friends and family, or even your barber, for advice. Use the internet to research different styles or log on to virtual hairstyle web sites where you can see how certain styles look on you before setting foot in the salon. But be adventurous! Your hair will always grow back, so experiment and try styles you think may suit you.

Perhaps the most recognizable African-American style is the Afro, or ‘Fro,’ which rose to popularity in the United States during the 1970s. Typical Afros look as though a puffball of hair has been placed directly on top of the wearer’s head and range from small to extremely large. Easy to grow, the Afro, however, does demand regular maintenance so that it remains smooth and manageable.

Another prominent African American style is the cropped cut. Cropped cuts are simple, involving short layers of hair around the head. Because of their versatility, it is easy to design your own cropped cut style just as many African American women have done. They are even simple enough for you to try at your home and save yourself from rising salon costs.


Patience is important when experimenting with African American hairstyles. You may find that many may not complement the shape of your face or your skin tone. But keep trying, and in time, you may find that you are the new Halle Berry, Beyonce Knowles or Oprah Winfrey.