Curly Haircut





Long and Casual
Flexible and carefree, you can wear a long casual hairstyle to any evening event or day outing. It shows the natural hair texture and bounce lively which can be worn with varying layered lengths from under the shoulders to one-length styles; layers are more welcomed though for relieving some of the hair’s weight as well as giving it just the right volume and bounce. It’s flattering to keep the first layers at shoulder length so as to let the rest of the locks loosely fall down. Random flicks definitely add style, and you will look stunning with stands delicately curled to frame and soften your face.



In 2012, “Farrah do”, the most recent long casual curly hairstyle, has just become the hottest hairstyle featured by its wavy tousled look. It was inspired by the 1970s below-the-shoulder blunt hairstyle and it requires good volume of hair. So make sure you have mousse and root lifting gels and a blow dryer, curling iron and hot rollers are absolutely needed. And make sure you only finish with a blast of hairspray.


Medium and Sexy
Feel comfortable to try a fabulous and sexy hairstyle if your hair is medium length, especially just falls below the chin. Natural curly hair is the most ideal, but you can get the right curls with the help of perms, curling irons and hair rollers.


Curly Hairstyle


The right cut and proper amount of layering to the curly locks are needed to create the bounce and definition expected. Many people prefer side swept bangs which fall around mid ear length as it add a more famine and stylish look. Without much complicated work, this hairstyle can make you look gorgeous with simple loose curls and a simple hair accessory or jewelry.


Short and Messy
Unlike what people think it is, creating a short and messy curly hairstyle is neither spontaneous nor easy. To give the messy hair a elegant look for which you admire the star wearer of this hairstyle, you are supposed to know the necessary techniques. Curling iron or hair rollers can help you obtain the proper fullness and movement in your short curly hair so that it moves naturally.


Some variations are worth trying such as dividing hair into side parting, including the bangs if long enough. You may also want to pin up a piece of hair from the bigger parting with a cute hair slide. By adding some hairspray and shine spray, your hair will be dazzling.


The major hairstyle in 2012 with hot curly hair is to show loose curls to form a sexy and carefree look. To stay ahead of the hair fashion trend, get modern charming curls.





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