Medium Haircut





Getting a proper style for seems to be a concern for many people with a round face because, unlike oval faces, round faces don’t have the structure to carry all types of hairstyles to suit the face. Medium hairstyles are the best options for round faces as they captivate minds of people who check you out. Appearing with an appealing style in public is an essential need. The choice can define the way we carry ourselves.


Medium Hairstyle


Since a round face means the length and the width are of the same size, instead of long straight, long curly, short bobbed, or short spiked hairstyles, shoulder length hair generally makes a round face look more appealing, especially if the hair is wavy and layered.


Always remember to consider the width of the face when attempting a medium hairstyle. Having layers ending at chin level or shoulder length will make the face look much more geometric, which will leave a long lasting impression on people. Of course, your skin and hair color should also be considered if they suit your hairdo best.


When you decide on a hot and sexy hairstyle, it is essential to study the shape of the face. Go consult with a experience hair dresser at the salon and opt for the best one. Many round faced celebrities with medium hairstyles look really phenomenal. So remember avoiding any extremely short, long, thin or straight styles.


It is quite surprising that medium layered hairstyles almost suit any occasion, let alone weddings and parties. A woman who has shoulder length bouncing layers and nice curls brushing around the neck has a really sexy appeal. Proper hair color also can add elegance and richness to the hairdo.

Normal hair up-dos and ponytails are acceptable and can surely go with a round face. And it is essential to get a right outfit to go with your hairdo, otherwise your image can be spoiled.





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