Japanese Hairstyle & Haircut





Japanese cover a big range on the hairstyle spectrum. They vary from exotic to very plain to cute and adorable. Because Japanese hairstyles are intended mostly for darker hair colors, people with lighter skin will seem more vibrant and full of energy. Most Japanese hairstyles are exhibited in Japanese pop stars, ancient Japanese looks and anime.


Japanese Hairstyle


The main idea behind a Japanese hairstyle is to bring attention to the front of the style, highlighting the eyes and face. This can be achieved mainly by parting the front bangs or leaving the hair to cover a small portion of the face. Whether the hair is layered, slick or straight down, leaving the hair to cover a bit of your face can create a mysterious look.


Japanese Hairstyle


The most recognizable Japanese hairstyle comes from two, popular Japanese celebrities, Ami and Yumi. These young stars fashion a number of light, punky, and at times elegant. hairstyles that epitomize the Japanese style, especially when their hair covers parts of their faces. 



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