Short Haircut





Women are now playing an active role in business world and are progressively advancing in various fields. Living a hectic life, they tend to favor manageable short cuts. That can partly explain why short hairstyles have become extremely popular in fast expanding business world.


Short Hairstyle


Actually there are specific styles that blend with specific facial structures. It also means that unfortunately short hairstyle is not an option for all face shapes and personality. Following are some tips for different face shapes on choosing the right short hairstyles.


For an oval face the best short style is pixie cut. It can highlight the facial structures and adds amazing beauty. Aside from that soft fringe and soft curls can also work wonderfully on an oval face.


Short Hairstyle


Chin length bob, curls or front layers will help hide the elongated structure on a long shaped face, thus your face will look fuller. Side swept bangs will look terrific as well. Be cautious to avoid any style which adds more volume on the top as it will further make your face look longer. On the other hand, any style with volume on the side will make your face look comparatively shorter.


Great hairstyles for a round face include a pixie cut, shaggy style, choppy bangs, wisp at the end and fringes. Get advice from your hair stylist for any style that can add volume on the sides and some height to your facial structure. Remember rounds face should avoid blunt bangs, center parting and heavy bangs.

Much care with selection of hairstyle should be given if you have a square shaped face. Choose a style to frame your face in such a way your straight jaw line can be hidden. Ask your hair stylist to give a simple short cut that can go well with your face structure. Any styles that highlight rather than hiding the straight unstructured jaw line such as bob and bang should be avoided.


Short haircut is not so advisable for a heart shaped face. But if you prefer having it, try a style which can highlight your eyes and cheekbones and give a wider appearance to your face with fullness at the chin line and sides. So remember to keep top layers soft and allow volume locks to fall down on the chin and sides. Side swept bangs can be the best option for a heart shaped face.





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