Wavy Hairstyle & Wavy Haircut





There are a number of hairstyles for people with straight or curly hair. But what about those caught in the middle. This means you – the girls with the wavy hair. Don’t despair, there are a number of great wavy hairstyles to choose, from retro to modern and beyond.


Wavy Hairstyle

One style that is quite popular these days is the “beachy” hairstyle. If you’re familiar with styling wavy hair, then you don’t need to know much to make this style work; all you need are some good products. For coarse hair, add a product that smoothes it out when it is wet. Brush the product in, then lightly blow dry to increase volume. The idea is to use your fingers to guide your hair into controlled waves with slight curls that bounce around your head. Note that some waves will be tighter than others. Use a hair serum for shine and a touch of hairspray to hold the style in place.


Another hot wavy hairstyle is the loose wave look. Perfected, this hairstyle will look wild yet professional. Apply a good defining hair product to dry hair and then rock a ceramic straightening iron back and forth down your head, following your hair’s natural pattern. Don’t use a brush, let your fingers do the work. 


For shorter hair, you can opt for a short layered style that will accentuate your wavy hairstyle. Add some defining product to damp hair, working the waves with your fingers. Let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser with a blow dryer. Also use a bit of gel spray when your hair is dry, so that the look will hold.


For hair closer to chin length and layered, there are two options. The first is a 1920s style, which can be achieved by using old-fashioned long pins. While your hair is moist, sculpt the waves with gel and then insert the long pins to hold them in place until your hair is dry. Then blow dry with a diffuser and remove the pins. Spritz with hair spray for maximum hold. You can soften the waves with your fingers if they end up a bit too rigid. The second, easier option involves applying mousse to damp hair and then blow-drying with a diffuser, working the waves with your fingers. Finish the hairstyle off with a light holding spray that isn’t too stiff.


Wavy Hairstyle


To create a sexy, long wave hairstyle will require a little more time and effort. Start by using the same basic styling techniques you did for shorter waves. Then, if you want something retro, like Veronica Lake’s famous 1940 hairstyle, run a styling iron over your own waves, using your fingers or a curling iron to turn the ends under.

For natural, medium waves in longer hair, work styling gel through damp with your head bent forward. After your hair dries, apply shine serum and a holding spray. The result will be lovely tousled waves that bounce around your shoulders.



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