Formal Haircut





In terms of formal hairstyles, short hair might be considered by many women only possible for freaky styles and they think that just girls with long hair draw people’s attention. However, they are mistaken. If you have short hair, you can look also look fabulous once you know how.



Apparently a formal hairstyle with short hair enjoys the advantage of not having to redo your hair in the middle of a formal business. Plus it takes you much less time than women with long mane to make a formal fine style.


Formal Hairstyle


A combed back wavy style for a short hair satisfactorily stands for sheer sophistication in business. It’s perfect for curly short hair. For straight short hair, you need some curlers and a good hair setting spray. Once the curlers have been set, just do what curly hair requires. Remember not to comb your hair too much for they are not natural curls.


The square bob from the 1920s will look glamorous for curly and straight hair, especially if you have lifted cheekbones or other strong facial features.

The formal hairstyle to do justice for a short hair wearer is the famous wedging style. Apply some styling gel or mousse to all your hairs and then comb them backwards. Create two wedges and let them air dry on their own. Use hairspray after styling instead of gel or mousse can also enable you to achieve the same style without a wet look.


Today an increasing number of hair accessories become available to add some glamour touch to short hair formal styles.





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