Layered Hairstyle & Haircut





Layered hairstles are among the best hairstyles and look fantastic on nearly all types of hair lengths. By layering hair, you doing a simple revision, but results in an almost completely different look. The basic idea behind layered hairstyles is to increase volume and to make anyone stylish and stunning.


Layered Hairstyle

The concept is simple: just cut your hair into different layers starting with the uppermost layer at the chin. Then, the length of the layers increases toward the back of the head. Some people have all their hair layered, while some people may have just a few layers. Whatever your preference, the layered hairstyle is assured to impress. Add in colors or highlights to create an innovative and trendy look.

Layers provide variations depending what length of hair you have. Shorter hair is a bit harder to use the layered hairstyle on, but can still have one or two layers and will certainly spice up your short hair.

As for medium-length hair, there are plenty of options for layered styles. A razor can be used to slice the front part of the hair and then layers are added. Combined with front bangs, this frames the face well and offers a smooth tapered effect.


Layered Hairstyle

Perhaps the easiest length for layered hairstyles is long hair. This gives the stylist more room to create more layers. The first layer can start at the eye or ear level and continued for as long as the hair lasts. The longest layer at the bottom can either be U-shaped or straight. Long layered hair looks great with highlights and are a perfect fit for oval and long faces.



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