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For those people with longer hair, the braid style is a simple, neat and comfortable option. There are several types of braided hairstyles: cornrows, French braid, Dutch braid, English braid and several others. Let’s take a look at each and see if there’s a hairstyle that interests you.


Braid Hairstyle


Types of braided hairstyles
This hairstyle is very popular amongst men and women, usually on African Americans, and a little painful. The hair is worn very close to the head in neat rows.

The French braid hairstyle is a type of plait that starts its interlacing pattern at the top of the head. Almost everyone can wear a French braid hairstyle.


The Dutch braid hairstyle is a deviation on the French braid. Basically, it’s just a reversed French braid hairstyle that is created by an embossed look. The English braid is possibly the simplest. It consists of three, equal-sized strands of hair that are woven together. The sloppy braided hairstyle is a quick, but simple, look that results in a seemingly complicated hairstyle.


The micro braid hairstyle is very common among African American men and women, while also found in areas like Mexico, Jamaica and other tropical areas. This micro braid is very small and fragile, and requires the assistance of a professional hairstylist. Daily maintenance is recommended. This can be achieved by adding moisture to the micro braids using warm oil.


How to select a braid hairstyle
When looking for a simple braid style, a straight center braid or two pig-style braids are the way to go. For an updo braided hairstyle, you must first determine your length of hair. Micro braids are perfect for short hair. Sloppy braids are a good choise for rapid braid hairstyles. If you’re looking for a formal long hairstyle, French and updo braided hairstyles are a good selection. And, as always, be sure to take your facila appearance into account when choosing your braided hairstyle.


Braid Hairstyle


A Few more tips for braided hairstyles
1. A blow drier can be used to add more texture to the braid hairstyle.
2. Avoid using a rubber band as it will result in damaged hair.
3. Simply wetting your hair makes it easier to create a braided hairstyle.
4. Braided hairstyles are enhanced by adding hair jewelry or fresh flowers.

5. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.



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