Mohawk Hairstyle & Haircut





Mohawk hairstyles may have the most history, having been taken from the American Indians who used to don them hundreds of years ago. The style has progressed into punk rock culture, but has never really made a huge impact on popular culture. They seem simple and easy, but there are several ways to vary your Mohawk to suit your needs.


Mohawk Hairstyle

Basically, the Mohawk is a strip of hair that goes down the center of your head to the back. The length of your Mohawk can be long or short. You can shape it into spikes or other interesting shapes. To shape your Mohawk you want to use a very strong and long-lasting gel. Try Tigi Bedhead Hard Head Mohawk for best results.


Mohawk Hairstyle

But to be sure, sporting a Mohawk hairstyle means you want people to notice you, so be sure this is what you want before deciding on cutting off all that hair.



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