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There are several bob hairstyles to choose from. The length and shape of a person’s face should be taken into consideration when deciding a bob’s length. Bobs can be cut evenly or at an angle and bangs can be added. Flip through magazines and find pictures of different bob hairstyles to determine which will suit you best.


Bob Hairstyle

This year’s bob hairstyles are usually cut with great precision. Their length can range from ear level to hair that rests just above the shoulders. Any length of straight hair can look great with a bob hairstyle. However, bob haircuts for people with curly had tend to look better if they are of the longer cut variety. Short bob haircuts on people with very curly hair can make a person’s head look like a triangle. So just remember that a bob hairstyle for a person with very curly hair may bounce up high on the face and look shorter than desired.


Bob vs. Mod
Mod hairstyles, like bob haircuts, are very fashionable and worn by many celebrities. The two styles are familiar, but the mod hairstyle add more texture to the cut and is a lighter type of cut. The bangs for a mod hairstyle are cut heavily and pushed to one side of the head. People with the mod style typically use some sort of styling product to shape the hair and give it a “swooping” look.


Asymmetrical Bobs
You may have seen this type or hairstyle and not even known what it was called, despite not being as popular a regular bob. Asymmetrical bobs are cut so that the hair on one side of the head is much longer, or shorter, than the hair on the other side. Asymmetrical bobs can also be achieved by cutting hair on the back of the head much shorter than on the sides. A new, popular way to get an asymmetrical hairstyle is to cut the bangs in an fashion so that they hang heavier on one side.


Highlights with a Bob
Highlights can look great with any hairstyle, and bobs are no exception. When getting highlights with a bob hairstyle, a professional hair stylist is recommended so that the highlights match the original hair color. This way, the highlights can be placed strategically so that they enhance the texture of the hair and add a stylish edge to a cute haircut.


Bob Hairstyle


One of the best attributes of the bob hairstyle is the ease of management. Many people spend hours and hours on their hair, but a bob hairstyle if so versatile that it can be managed to look more formal or washed, dried and ready within minutes. In addition, short bob haircuts are also great because they remain stylish for months. For the busy person, unable to find time for a haircut, the bob style may be what you are looking for.



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