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Perhaps the best time to try and pull off the trendy/funky hairstyle is when you are a teenager. Teen hairstyles are always mutating and changing to reflect the trends of each generation and pop culture. Teen hairstyles usually exhibit a ton of texture with funky and fresh color techniques, making this hairstyle on the cutting edge of fashion.


Teen Hairstyle


Take, for example, the funky teen hairstyle. This style, infused with rich and trendy colors, looks as if it is taken straight from the runway. When you think about all of the famous teen hairstyles of the past, this funky style has defined generations of teenagers.

These days, teen hairstyles are edgier than over, covering a range or styles, lengths and textures. The difference between past generations and the teenagers of today is that the hairstyles of today represent personalities within, rather than the external styles. There are many to choose from, so here are just a few to consider.
The short teen hair style: Anyone can sport this look these days. In fact, many female teenagers are wearing their hair shorter than the boys. Short teenage hairstyles are full of texture and promises never to be dull. Perhaps the most popular short teenage hairstyle is a permutation of the pixie cute. The hair is cut to 1” or 1 ½” in length all over and heavily textured. The hair can then be formed into spikes or tresses, accommodating a number of tastes.

Textured teen hairstyles: Texture can be is important when sporting trendy hairstyles and can be created by cutting and razoring techniques. Texture can also be natural or it can be created chemically with perms, relaxers or thermal styling tools. Texture tends to liven up hairstyles, while making a popular style your own.
Consider a simple layered teen hairstyle. When your hair falls straight to your shoulders, it may come across as dull and boring. However, if you take this simple cut and add pomade to texture the ends or add spiral curls, you could create a stunning new teen hairstyle for everyone to admire.

Teen hairstyle and color: There are several avenues you can go down when choosing new colors for your teen hairstyle. The simplest option is to add a few highlights or lowlights. Or you can go for more dramatic coloring in the vein of darker Gothic looks. Celebrities like Pink and Christina Aguilera have made statement with coloring their hair in dramatic hues. Coloring for teens is no different and choosing bold colors may set you apart from other cookie-cutter styles. Consider doing something outrageous and different, like coloring your hair blue. Branch out from the norm, create a flashy look to reflect your personality and views.



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