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Some hairstyles are so complex that they mimic famous works of art. Finding the right hairstyle can take a great deal of research and enthusiasm just for the right occasion. Updo hairstyles are versatile enough to work from formal to casual events. Updo hairstyles add a touch of class to your appearance and are some of the most popular styles seen at weddings, proms, banquets and cocktail parties.


Updo Hairstyle

Much of your hairstyle depends on the way you dress your tresses. Messy and unkempt tresses imply poor health and unhappiness. Whereas if you have gorgeously tamed tresses, it can be a sign of good health and radiant beauty. With the right updo hairstyle, you can achieve a level of chic that impresses others. 


Selecting an updo hairstyle:
Every girl wants to look her best at special occasions and updos can be rather tricky to construct. It is recommended that you see a professional hairstylist for best results. If you will be attending an event with lots of dancing, think about going with a half-up-do design to prevent your hair from getting messy. Also, never shampoo or condition your hair the day of the event, as doing so with make your hair slippery increasing the chances of having your up-do fall apart.


Keep in mind what dress and type of accessories you will be wearing when selecting the style of your up-do. It’s not essential that everything match perfectly, but if everything works well together it will only enhance your appearance.


There are several different kinds of up-do hairstyles. The elegant up-do is styled around a high ponytail that is secured atop the crown in the shape of a fan. At the base the style is settled on the crown toward the back of the head and can be presented with desirable bangs. The elegant up-do works well with all face shapes, especially thin, and best designed with medium to long hair lengths.


The ringlets up-do is a sleek hairstyle that looks amazing on naturally curly or wavy tresses of medium thickness and works best with shoulder, or slight longer, length hair. Prior to styling, you must use a good volumizing shampoo and gel or spray to uplift the hair cuticle. As such, this may not be the best option for girls with fine hair. However, the ringlets up-do hairstyle works on a number of face shapes, particularly oval- and heart-shaped faces.


The bun style up-do is a charming little do that is extremely sleek and elegant. Shoulder length, or longer, hair works best with this type of hairstyle, in addition to fine or thin hair. Hair pieces and extensions also fit in well with this design. Straight hair is ideal for this hairstyle. So if you have wavy or curly hair, you will first want to straighten it with a flat iron. You can brush your hair backward or make a mid or side parting in the front. Then, gather your tresses in a ponytail and secure it tightly at the crown with bob pins. Accessorize with flashy pieces around the bun or lightly sprinkle glitter for a sparkly look.


The half-up-do hairstyle is often seen at proms and weddings. It is made by pinning the tresses while the rest of the hair is left to fall down around the shoulders and back. The half-up-do looks great with shoulder length, or longer, hair, of medium thickness. You’ll need styling gel, roller, a blow dryer and bobby pins to complete this look. Consider going to your stylist for this hairstyle, as it can be very difficult. When done correctly, this hairstyle can make you look like a princess straight from a fairytale.



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