Wedding Hairstyle & Wedding Haircut





Choosing the proper hairstyle for your wedding can be a daunting task. For many, this hairstyle may be the single most important day for your hair. The style you choose can set the entire tone. Do you want something formal, informal, beautiful, stunning or simple? This is an important decision, so here are some of the best and latest trends to help you pick.


Wedding Hairstyle


Easy and Natural
An easy and natural hairstyle for your wedding is best if you don’t want detract attention away from an amazing dress. Many brides will opt for this hairstyle because it is not stiff or over-styled. It should be made to look as if you could remove a pin and the hair would cascade down over your shoulders, even if you have several bottles of hairspray to maintain its shape.

No Bangs
Normally, bangs are not common when it comes to wedding hairstyles. If you value your bangs, but have a quickly approaching wedding, grow them out longer so that you can sweep them off to one side for a nice, refreshing look.

Waves of Waves
You may want to stay away from straight hair when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Instead, go for a seemingly messy, wavy look. Make them look free, flowing and elegant. Accessorize this look with a pearl comb to finish the wedding look.

The Best Choice
Perhaps the hottest trend for wedding hairstyles is the bun or knot. We’re not talking about a stiff schoolmarm look, but a more flowing, relaxed style. Before finishing the bun or knot, leave a few wisps of hair at the front to frame the face.

Braids, Braids, Braids
If you want a braided hairstyle for your wedding, make it look long, loose and flowing. Leave the hair twisted together and hanging at the nape of the neck. Accent your look with pearl pins throughout the braid to perfect the wedding look.

Wedding Hairstyle tips
Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute. Spend some time and money trying different hairstyles to find something that is perfect for what may be the most perfect day of your life. If you know you will be riding a convertible, make sure your hairstyle holds up well in windy conditions.


Wedding Hairstyle

Finally, don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want. Your wedding day is your day, so let the hair stylist know if there is something off or an aspect you don’t approve of. At the same time, your hair is something you shouldn’t have to worry too much about during the wedding, so choose a comfortable look.



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