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If you are looking for a new hairstyle, but don’t want a complete overhauls, then experimenting with bangs may be just what you are looking for. There are several ways to style your bangs resulting in hairstyles that range from seductive and elegant to fun and cute. Bangs are very versatile and can change an overall hairstyle without altering too much.


Bangs Hairstyle


The first way to spice up your hairstyle with bangs is to make them choppy. Choppy bangs go well with wild hairstyles and frame particular faces well. Choppy bang hairstyles work well with people who have heart, oval and round faces. Whereas choppy bangs may not work as well for people with sharp chins, angular jawlines or larger foreheads.


Another simple way to style your bangs is to sweep them. In order to sweep your bangs, the hair must be grown a little longer. Then, comb the hair to one side of the forehead, angling the hair so that a portion of the forehead is covered. To add a bit more flair to the hairstyle, add curls or waves to the bangs. Combined with a hairstyle that is done right, the swept bangs style can result in a very beautiful look.

Another, more simple, way to style your bangs for your hairstyle is to keep them straight. Straight hair bangs are not the most popular because of their simplicity, but can help frame the facial area and result in pretty looks. Straight hair bangs are usually medium length and go straight over the forehead with no angling or parting. Sometimes, paddle brushes may be used to create a little volume. Younger girls tend to wear straight bangs, venturing into other hairstyles as they get older. Still, straight bangs are a great option for simple, sleek hairstyles like ponytails.


Parted bangs are similar to the straight bangs look, but offer a little more variation. At the same time, parted bangs are not as complicated as the swept bangs hairstyle. For one, parted bangs can be wavy, blunt, straight or wispy. Parting the hair in the middle frames a face much the same as straight bangs and can be used to with choppy hairstyles to create some wild and beautiful looks.

Bangs Hairstyle


Another style option for your bangs is to make them wispy. Adding wispy bangs to your hairstyle can detract attention from other areas and bring it to the top of the facial area. Wispy bangs typically work well with rectangular, square or oblong facial shapes, as they can be more balanced.



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