Emo Haircut





Very quickly Emo is becoming a hit, especially among young women. The term “Emo” was first used to label a type of music, but gradually it was used to refer to define the musicians’ style and appearance.


Black is the primary color for most Emo hairstyles, which is very likely to complement the black clothing. Some Emo hairstyles are added with flashes of bright colors like pink, purple and red. It’s very popular for girls to wear their hair down with long bangs swept over one eye, which serves their purpose of staying hidden.


Emo Hairstyle


The aim of getting an Emo hairstyle is to be unique. However, it won’t do harm if you look at others’ Emo styles and try to make changes in accordance to your face shape and personal preferences. In order to avoid false appearance, you should start with something simple and you are comfortable with. As you become more confident, try a cut which allows further experiments and variations.


Emo Hairstyle


Essentially being unconventional is all an Emo cut is about. So choose something wild rather than tame. The best way to achieve such a look is to have an asymmetrical cut. Exceptionally great examples are mullets which are typically illustrated by shorter hair on the top and at the front while longer hair to the back. If a slightly distorted effect is expected as extra feature, it can be created by adding highlights in random places.


In Emo hairstyles there are some punkish elements such as “bed head’ looks and spikes. Getting the perfect “bed head” look is nothing like a common belief. It need much maintenance, for example, applying a load of various kinds of gels, mousses and the like to maintain a lasting look during day time. Go get messy up!

Attempts among girls to cut their own hair or that of a friend’s are not rare. Give it a go if you think you are capable of doing it. Remember it doesn’t matter if you can’t cut straight because that is the last thing you want for a true Emo.





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