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Many kids will want to choose their own hairstyles, but usually it depends on what the parents want for their children. Parents should consider their child’s personality and hair texture when choosing a hairstyle. If a child is more active, a hairstyle that is not easily tangled and more manageable should be considered. Follow the general guidelines below when choosing hairstyles for a child.


Kid Hairstyle


For the Boys
The easiest cut for a boy is the crew cut. The hairstyle is very simple being short on all sides. It is perfect for the active child being easy to style and manage.

The mushroom hairstyle is for medium length hair and is cut to be the same length around the head. This hairstyle is a great option for different head shapes and can be combined with shorter hair at the back and sides.

Hairstyles get a bit more difficult when it comes to hairstyles for boys with longer hair. As with any style for longer hair, it will require more detail, styling and time to clean, but this shouldn’t prevent you from choosing a long hairstyle. Several celebrity boys have made long hairstyles very fashionable by wearing their hair straight down or with a wavy texture.

For the Girls
Young girls can wear plenty of short hairstyles. Two cuts that bring out the soft, young feminine looks are the contoured crop and the shorter bob cut.


Kid Hairstyle

Hairstyles of shoulder length can be styled straight, infused with curls all over or at the end, flicked at the ends, layered for depth, in addition to a number of other ways. Mid-length cuts provide are easier to manage than longer hair, while being more adjustable than short cuts. Longer hair provides for more straight and sleek  options. Long, straight hair for young girls can be quickly styled, parted and left straight and smooth for a very beautiful despite its simplicity.



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