Sexy Haircut





Unlike longer lengths which can be inconvenient to take care of and shorter lengths which may not fit different facial shapes, medium hairstyles seems to be just right for a large number of women and probably the most versatile choice for modern women. No matter what their hair texture is, thin and brittle, thick or just right, many women find a medium length haircut a marvelous option. What's more, various types of updos, bobs, and other styles can be well combined with medium hairstyles, creating gorgeous looks which are easier to maintain than longer locks as well as more comfortable and more flattering than shorter haircuts.

Sexy Hairstyle

Medium hairstyles match most facial shapes well in the way that there is just enough hair complimenting the facial region and improving other features.  Shoulder length or a small bit above hair length has such an advantage that they can bring out many facial features with many options for styling, such as bob, shag and straight haircut, which are very popular. One classic medium length cut is a bob, which is all one length  ranging from chin to shoulder. There are curly bobs or straight bobs depending on the hair texture. Bobs are also versatile, for example, they can be easily upswept for an evening look or left hanging free for a cute and feminine look. Shag is another sensational medium length cut, involving various lengths of layers.

Sexy Hairstyle

Due to their versatility medium length hairstyles are great for layering. Framing the facial area properly as layering medium length hair can often unobtrusively bring out the individual's eyes, lips, and other facial features. A medium length hair can be curly, wavy or straight, and look wonderful each way. In order to get fantastic curls, use a curl enhancing spray or mousse on damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser. If you want to particularly define certain strands, curl with a half inch curling iron or set on small hot roller.  It is popular to simply flow down medium hairstyles with either bangs down or parted with additional waves, ringlets or cuts at the ends.





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