Short Hairstyle & Short Haircut





David Beckham isn’t the only big-name Beckham with short hair. Victoria Beckham, David’s wife, has made a splash in the hairstyle world with her cute short hair look. Whether or not you should rush to the hairdresser, like so many other infatuated women, depends on a few things. Here’s what to consider.


Short Hairstyle

Consider This:
Your age: If an older women attempts to pull off a trendy cut, she may come across as trying to look younger than she is.


The shape of your face: Facial shape is an important consideration when choosing your hairstyle. Don’t just look at the hair, but take into account the shape of the face, too. If you cannot find an example of a hairstyle on a person that shares your face shape, it might mean something.


Your lifestyle: What is your lifestyle and personality? You should ask yourself these questions when considering what short hairstyle you should opt for this season. If you are the busy type and don’t have time for maintenance, look for a cut that needs less care. A hairstyle that appears as it is supposed to is always more dashing than one that never gets the proper care.

So, now, what short hairstyles are out there? If you have a thin and angular face, think about the super-short pixie cuts that Victoria Beckham and Alyssa Milano model. Or if this type of hairstyle is too short for you, think about a very short shag instead. The short shag works best on a round or square face, because the longer pieces toward the front help to add needed angles to the face. People with oval-shaped faces should try to avoid the short shag.


Short Hairstyle


Another hot short hairstyle is the short bob. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kelly Clarkson have been seen with these dos. Of course, the bob doesn’t need to be worn straight – curly and wavy versions of the short bob are also very popular. What’s best about the short bob is that any type of face looks great with the short bob, except for very round faces. The short bob hairstyle is also very low maintenance and has the versatility to change into different looks.



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