Blonde Hairstyle & Haircut





Perhaps the best thing about deciding to go blonde is the fact that there are so many shades of blonde. Blonde hair is the most popular hair color for hot seasons, so here are some tips for styling your hair and releasing that hidden blonde goddess.


Blonde Hairstyle


Find the Right Blonde For You. Before jumping into the chair, it’s best to do some research. Consider your skin tone and eye color. What do you want to accomplish? If your hair has already been colored or bleached and your roots are starting to show, think about trying a warmer tone of blonde with honey highlights. And dump the bleach. Hair needs time to recover and the bleach isn’t helping anything.

Long hair color tip: It’s a good idea to invest in a good color-safe and natural hair conditioner if you have long, dull or damaged hair. Try a revitalizing conditioner from n-fruizon BODY THERAPY before changing your color and do it often. After all, your hair has been subjected to years of styling and brushing so the mid-lengths and end are more damaged than the roots.

Consider going with a vanilla blonde color to go with your soft, wavy hairstyle. The new S Wave Thermal Set is soft and gentle, even on long colored hair. The S Wave Thermal Set waving technique and solution from n-fruizon Body Therapy is a gentle formular designed to create sogt, manageable curls and waves for all types of hair.


Blonde Hairstyle


For brunettes going blonde: If you have wavy, shoulder-length brunette hair, it’s better not to go for all-over color. Instead, opt for caramel highlights, which will add texture to the crown and part areas. When combined with radiant sunlight, the result is purely dazzling. Or, if you have a natural light brown base, try going for a multi-colored highlight technique. Apply the highlights in several tones on the part area and keep the layers underneath darker. This will give you a stunning and unique hairstyle. This technique works especially well on straight, medium-length hair with side bangs.



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