Formal Hairstyle & Formal Haircut





You may have thought that short, formal hairstyles are impossible; that you need wild or bizarre styles to make it work. Well, you’d be surprised what you can achieve with short hair for formal occasions.


Formal Hairstyle

One advantage of working with shorter hair is that you will need much less time to prepare a fantastic look compared with girls who have longer hair. In addition, you need not worry about restyling during the formal affair, because shorter hairstyles tend to keep their look throughout.


A combed back wavy style can be an urbane hairstyle for formal events, especially if you have curly hair. Just comb back your hair, set it and add the razzle-dazzle. Even if you have straight hair, you can attain the same look with curlers and a trusted hair setting spray. Once the curls are set, follow the same steps as if you had naturally curly hair. But try to prevent combing too much, as it will straighten back your hair.

The stylish 1920s square bob hairstyle is an amazing option for curly or sleek hair. This works especially well for people who have strong and lifted cheekbones or other distinguishing facial features.

To create the renowned wedging style, add some styling gel or mousse. Then comb all your hair backwards and create two wedges. Let it dry naturally. This hairstyle is particularly effective for those who have very short hair. If you prefer a style that doesn’t look wet, substitute hairspray in the place of gel or mousse. 


Formal Hairstyle

Finally, there are many options for accessorizing your short, formal hairstyle. One, quick way to add some sparkle is to sprinkle some glitter on your hair. Also, these days, many accesspries being custom-made for the shorter hairstyles.



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