Funky Haircut





Teenage is a time to explore and try out new things. Hair cuts and hairstyles during teenage tend to be experimental. Since teens are usually surrounded by friends and much influenced by media and magazines, it is common that they try to catch up trends through flipping glossies. Missing out in trying new styles is absolutely not recommended, so a unique hairstyle should be selected.


Funky Hairstyle


You may have some interest in the funky styles with poodle curls from the 80s if you want a makeover after school. Never will curls be outcast from fashion. You may want to try permanent perms and hair coloring. Funky reds or blonds are excellent hair color choices if they match your skin tone. It’s easy to maintain funky hairstyles under the condition that you condition your hair after a shampoo. Spiral curls look gorgeous on long hair. And goldilocks hairstyle needs much maintenance.


Funky Hairstyle


Use temporary colors in different mixes for a party or carnival. You may want to adopt the look of shoulder length with a side parting hair. Teenage hairstyle choice is much about lifestyle preference. Braiding can absolutely create unique hair style, so can coloring. Also Afro hairstyles have unusual looks but meanwhile can often end up getting frizzy and dry. Therefore, it is essential to perform hair care. It’s best to set the spikes when the hair is wet.


A short chic hair cut can form a cool funky look with anklets and nose rings. A tattoo or nail paint is for sure other style statement. It’s not difficult for a teenager to coordinate the whole look. An all purpose hairstyle in medium length can undoubtedly serve from a party hair style to a daily messy look.


Retro styles are very popular among teens too. Hair accessories and scrunchies in fluorenscent colors are flattering. Position your ponytail high for summer. Adopt wavy layered hairstyles for evening events. In fact there is not a single criteria to worry about for your hairstyle, and there is no need to worry about a bad hair cut, either. Because teenage equals healthy hair and hair growth. So nothing is more important than dandruff and frizz free hair. Pick up a unique hairstyle and live your life to the fullest!





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