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Sedu is a brand of flat iron and hair styling tools that easily and quickly create smooth and sleek hairstyles. The gorgeous sedu looks became trendy thanks to many famous actresses like Jennifer Aniston.


Sedu Hairstyle


As a high end technology in hair styling and design, the sedu flat irons are able to reach maximum heat in no time. Because of the fine special plates, sedo gives your hair frizz free look without doing damage to the hair.


Sedu Hairstyle

Mainly there are six shapes of faces, including oblong, square, heart shaped, pear shaped, round and oval shaped. While styling your hairstyle, choose the one which suits your face best.

Three sedu hairstyles are usually suggested. They are casual and sleek, chic and updo bun. The procedures of making these sedu hairstyles are as following.

Casual Sleek

1. Condition your hair for at least two minutes. That helps soften and flatten your hair so as to prevent them from being damaged.
2. Make your hair shine and sleek with hair serum and gel. It can also get rid of frizz from a silky look. Then blow dry your hair by pointing the drier nozzle down the hair flow.

3. Hold the sedo flat iron for inserting a small part as long as two inch of hair through the plates gliding from root to the tip.
4. Give a shine spray to your hair. Don’t brush it afterward.


1. Condition your washed hair for about two minutes.
2. Dry blow your hair with a round brush.
3. Hold the round brush near your scalp for four to six seconds. Then brush your hair to the end of it.
4. Put some shine spray and serum on your palm to brush your hair.


Updo Bun
1. Follow the above steps to make your hair straight and nice.
2. Use some gel to help firm back your hair into a ponytail and position it with a band. Then from front and side spray your hair.
4. Use your index finger to make a barrel curl on the remaining ponytail hair. Secure it with pins and at last add it a gloss with hair spray.





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